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Soul Regression

Soul Regression focuses on healing the body, mind, and emotion on a spiritual level. By regressing to your childhood, past lives, in-the-womb experience, and life between lives, and connecting to your higher self, it is possible to let go of past trauma, heal, learn the lessons you were born to learn, and ultimately free yourself. Common areas that can be addressed using Soul Regression are psychosomatic disorder, anxiety, phobias, relationship issues, and career and life purpose.

Psychosomatic Disorder

Psychosomatic disorder is a psychological condition that leads to physical symptoms despite a lack of a medical explanation. This disorder can affect any part of your body. Unfortunately, many with this disorder become frustrated as they are often presented with no diagnosis when seeking conventional medical care. Soul Regression may help you find the root cause of the physical symptoms and heal.



Anxiety is a mental health condition that makes it hard to go about your daily life. Symptoms include rapid heartbeat, nervousness, panic, fear, and sweating. Treatment plans for anxiety encompass cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. However, not all cases of anxiety are treatable using conventional medical care. In these other cases, Soul Regression may help you find the root cause of the symptoms and heal.


Career And life Purpose

Finding a fulfilling career and life path is a priority for many people. However, it may be a daunting task to determine the right career and life purpose for an individual. By utilizing Soul Regression, it is possible for you to become more in tune with your intuition to determine the best career and life path for you.


Relationship Issues

Relationship conflicts are normal and can vary from familial, platonic to romantic issues. Issues may include infidelity, trauma, lack of trust, and drifting apart. It can be daunting and painful to face these issues alone. Other times there may be underlying pain from these relationships that need to be uncovered and healed for a person to move forward in finding harmony within themselves and in a relationship. Soul Regression may help you find the root cause of the relationship issues and heal.



Phobias are irrational, uncontrollable, and lengthy fears of a situation, type of object, or activity. The overwhelming fear that a person with a phobia may experience can lead the person to take great measures to avoid the source of the fear. Another response to the source of the fear can be a panic attack, which is an unexpected, and intense fear lasting for several minutes and can occur despite a lack of real danger. Soul Regression may help you find the root cause of the fear and heal.



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