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What Clients Say


“Sarah facilitated a wonderful past-life regression session for me. She not only took me to my past lives where I found the root cause of my snake phobia but also connected me to my spiritual origin, which opened a doorway that led me to a deeper spiritual journey that is well-aligned with my soul mission. Thank you so much for facilitating such a sacred spiritual journey. Sending love to your wonderful healing career path.”


“Sarah is an amazing past-life regression hypnotist! I’ve worked with her twice and can recommend her without reservations..”


“I had an amazing experience with Sarah Min. Her genuine compassion, expert guidance, and tranquil environment made my session truly transformative. Sarah is one of the best counselor & Spiritual Healer in all over California. I highly recommend Sarah min”


“Sarah’s words are kind and caring. With her trustworthy counseling, I could understand my suffering.”


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