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I am too busy. I need to get this promotion. I need to make more money. I need to get into this school. I need to buy this jewelry. I need to marry this person. I need more friends. I need to have kids. I need this car. Need, need, need. The constant pursuit of something in 21st-century daily life is the most common excuse that people claim for their reasons to work hard and stay busy but also brings on massive stress, and suffering. Essentially, many aren’t lacking in desires and goals but lacking in peace and freedom from suffering. Perhaps the most common ways that this inner suffering manifests in our physical world are anxiety and depression. Additionally, with the advent of social media, it’s becoming easier for people to compare themselves to others who they consider to be more successful, wealthier, and prettier, and thus the quest for obtaining and achieving more is a never-ending road. However, at a certain point, especially for those who are more in tune with their intuition, this never-ending cycle of pursuing desires takes its toll and we are left asking, what is the point of it all? Even the biggest of personal successes in the material world seems to lead to a very fleeting moment of accomplishment followed by yet another feeling of emptiness and a feeling of lacking something. Thus, the next pursuit and goal is identified to try and cover up this feeling of emptiness. For some, this pattern or cycle is never-ending, and even until death in this lifetime, they go through this endless suffering unable to find the peace that would fill the sense of lack they feel and free them from this cycle. Others eventually realize the never-ending cycle they are in and start inquiring into the source of their emptiness in the hopes of finding true inner peace. This is the type of inner peace that when understood allows one to realize one has always been whole and never lacking in any aspect. When you break free from the illusion of a separate sense of self, lacking in various ways, you can see through the ego’s illusion of needing to endlessly pursue goals in the material world and accept yourself as you are: an already whole and fully loved being. For some, this journey to understanding true inner peace arises when they take the time out of their hectic daily lives to slow down and truly start observing their causes of suffering and feelings of emptiness and lack. As such, sufficient slowing down of pace and deep observation and inquiry can lead to insight and wisdom to free themselves from this never-ending suffering. That is when the true magic happens. Once you experience this magic, there is no going back.

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